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Apply for the post of Mechanical Engineer Jobs , The work of Mechanical Engineer Jobs areElectric generators, internal combustion engines, steam and gas turbines, and power-using machines like refrigeration and air conditioning systems are all examples of power-producing machines designed by mechanical engineers. Other machines inside buildings, like elevators and escalators, are designed by mechanical engineers.

The Mechanical Engineer is in charge of all of a Project’s technical aspects. This includes the function of engineering design, the fabrication of the heater, the requirements for heater shipping and lifting, the selection and purchase of materials and equipment, and, if necessary, supervision of the erection at the site. It is the responsibility of the Mechanical Engineer to ensure compliance with mechanical specifications, codes, and guidelines.

Title: Department of Mechanical Engineering, PEng (APEGGA-certified) Engineering is accountable to: Attend the handover meeting and assist the project managers in determining the scope of supply for the project. Engineering Manager (Functional Manager)/Project Manager (Mechanical Specific) Project Management
Attend the kick-off meetings with the client and the fabrication team to resolve any technical issues with the project. Mechanical Engineer Jobs,
In accordance with the quality plan, ensure that the project’s quality requirements are being met.

Mechanical Engineer Jobs Description:

  • Client Interface Coordinate all technical issues with the client.
  • In the client interface, help the project manager (PM).
  • Before beginning the design process, make sure that all engineering codes, specifications, and guidelines have been distributed to them.
  • Before beginning design activities, collaborate with engineering on the review of the specification.
  • Make sure that all specifications that have an effect on the design, cost, and schedule are taken into consideration and implemented, working with the PM.

Engineering Design Go over the data sheets that came with the product and offer advice to the designer.
Check to see that the designer is following the design’s rules, specifications, and codes.
Engineering Calculations Carry out the necessary engineering calculations, such as casting support, hydrostatic test pressure, refractory calculations, pipe stress and expansion, and tube wall calculations.
Engineering Document Review and Revisions Primarily accountable for reviewing engineering document markups submitted by clients and vendors. Apply for Mechanical Engineer Jobs.
Check the vendor and fabricator’s final documentation.

Engineering Clarifications Respond to technical inquiries from clients and vendors throughout the project.
Make it a point to communicate any technical clarifications to engineering so that they can be incorporated into engineering documents as needed.

Change Management Inform the PM of any engineering modifications that have an effect on the schedule or cost.

Procurement issues a Bill of Material and Requisition Package to Procurement for each purchased item.
Examine the proposals of the vendors; request and, if necessary, provide technical clarifications.
Examine the documentation packages and drawings provided by the vendors.
Make the shop visits so that you can see how the fabrication is done and make sure that the quality requirements for the project are met.

Mechanical Engineer Jobs Responsibility:

  • Heater Fabrication Examine and approve the processes followed by the fabricator.
  • Assist the fabricator in resolving technical issues that arise during the fabrication process.
  • In the shops of the vendors, supervise and expedite the production of heaters.
  • In order to resolve all mechanical technical issues, collaborate with the local Born Third-Party Inspectors.
  • Examine reports from third-party inspectors.
  • Risk Assessment Capable of presenting a project’s risk to the PM and team for evaluation Technical Vendor proposal evaluation and selection
  • technical documents and vendor drawings are approved.
  • authority to authorize the client to approve engineering documents.
  • Under the direction of the PM, provide the technical interface with the client and make decisions regarding fabrication while at the Fabricator’s facility, keeping engineering informed.
  • Fabricator Under the direction of the PM, provide the technical interface with the Fabricator.
  • The technical interface with the vendors is provided by the vendors.
  • Highlight decisions that may affect the PO value and/or delivery schedule and make sure Procurement is copied on all correspondence with the vendor.
  • Project Manager Keep the PM informed of all project-related technical decisions, particularly those that have an impact on cost and schedule.
  • Manager of Engineering Inform the Manager of Engineering (Eng. Manager) of the project’s most important technical decisions.
  • Talk to the engineer. Manager in charge of allocating engineering departmental resources.
  • Talk to the engineer. Manager for technical conflicts, exceptions, or deviations.

Mechanical Team In conjunction with the Project Manager, keep the Mechanical Team up to date on all developments and requirements pertaining to mechanical work.

Mechanical Engineer Jobs Skills:

  • Skills for Effective Communication Effective communication skills between clients and sub-vendors.
    excellent communication skills
    skills in troubleshooting
  • Knowledge of computers, including Office 365 and AutoCAD.
  • Capable of gaining clients’ and coworkers’ trust, respect, and credibility through people Skills
  • Develop internal and external business relationships.
  • Problem-Solving and Making Decisions Be prepared for changes and their effects.
  • Understand engineering decisions across disciplines and contribute to the solution of engineering
  • problems across disciplines.
  • Learn from your mistakes to improve your Born Operating Procedures (BOPs).
  • Respect one another and encourage coworkers to cooperate.
  • Through analytical and problem-solving skills, time management can adapt to shifting priorities, demands, and deadlines. It can also quickly and effectively respond to changes to projects.
  • It can be flexible in times of change.

Mechanical Engineer Jobs Qualifications And Experience:

General education leading to an engineering Bachelor of Science degree.

Certifications as a professional member or as a member enrolled in APEGGA’s training program to become a mechanical engineer.
The title “Mechanical Tech.” refers to a Mechanical Engineer employee who is not employed by APEGGA.
Experience working in the oil and gas industry for at least four years in mechanical engineering
Engineering degree and more than eight years of relevant experience in mechanical engineering
ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously
familiar with the API and ASME standards and codes. For Mechanical Engineer Jobs.

How to Apply ForĀ Mechanical Engineer Jobs 2023?

  • Candidates who meet the aforementioned requirements can submit applications online at the official website. Apply for Mechanical Engineer Jobs.
  • Please apply online atĀ Click Here. We thank all applicants.
  • Contact will only be made to those who have been chosen for an interview.
  • Applications that have been submitted online at
  • Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.
  • For an interview, only those who have been shortlisted will be contacted.

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